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I think we need to begin by naming the big elephant in the sanctuary today. Each one of us has been touched in some way by divorce: some more than others. It causes hurt and grief; but sometimes it may certainly lead to new life.

Close to half of all marriages fail. But the converse is true—and encouraging: a little more than half of all marriages succeed. There may be some betrayals; but there will probably be some deep mutual support, as well. Marriage is an agreement, a covenant, whereby the two spouses promise to support each other for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death.

Remember when they asked him about paying taxes to the emperor? This is another of the questions they hope will get an answer from Jesus that will condemn him for heresy. But characteristically he sidesteps their question—and manages to get in some theological reflection as well. But then he turns the question around to reflect on the purpose of marriage—how it is a gift from God for the two partners to support each other in their lifetimes.

If two people grow ificantly apart so that they cannot live together peaceably, then we do allow divorce. If one person, woman OR man, abuses or endangers the other, then we do allow divorce. If one person is unfaithful, and the two cannot forgive and reconcile, then we do allow divorce.

It seems to me that the possibility of divorce must have entered the world when Adam and Eve were caught after eating the forbidden fruit.

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Now, the first story of the creation of humankind is in the very first chapter of Genesis, where God creates humans both male and female at the same time. This second story about the rib is ever so much more interesting! And we know that freedom to choose allows us to choose to love God and each other and the entire created order. And divorce is a human-made way for us to admit error, and move forward as separate people.

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It is always hard, and it often causes very deep emotional trauma. The church pastorally allows divorce because the church wants us to be able to learn and grow and move forward, and we believe God wants the same. Now, Jesus goes on to say that when a divorced person remarries, that remarried one is committing adultery against the first spouse. Our Roman Catholic friends interpret this verse quite literally, and that has led to their unwieldy process of seeking annulments, instead of divorces.

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