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Jump to. Learning that you are HIV-positive can be one of the most difficult experiences you go through in life. You Forum couples Kenya feel scared, sad or even angry — this is OK, and a completely natural part of coping with something that can be life changing. With the right treatment and support, it is possible to live as long as the average person. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be living with HIV. If you have your own story to tell, you can share it with us here and we'll do our best to publish it. Photos are used for illustrative purposes.

They do not imply the health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo. Please enable it in your browser settings. Google Tag Manager. When to get tested? What happens after? Next full review:. Boris - go and get tested for HIV. Lynette - diagnosed at birth. Masiye — The hardest part was telling my .

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Arun — HIV treatment is free here at least. Anna - it's okay to be scared Benoite - finding out you and your partner are HIV-positive.

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I latched on to those words. Ricardo - self-stigma made me feel depressed. I decided this would not ruin me. Kain - coping with being HIV-positive. Michael — turn living with HIV into a strength. Claire - being born with HIV. I am a normal teen. Jesse — My specialist reassured all my worries. Israel — my HIV story. Esther — I learnt to accept myself. Curt - learning you are HIV-positive. Dembe — I represent young people with HIV. Harrison - testing HIV-positive in the army. Luthando — I gave birth to a positive baby. Ryan - testing positive for HIV.

There is always a life after an HIV-positive diagnosis. Bayani — My diagnosis gave me a second chance.

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Mulilo - getting over a diagnosis. Thadie — silence can kill, talk about it. Rick - choosing to live, not Forum couples Kenya. Amaka - on treatment and never sick. Karuna - I'm now a peer educator. Krish - we just need love, care, equality and support. So I kept it a secret for more than 20 years. Karta — HIV stigma changed my whole life. Talent - I lost my job when my company found out my status.

Carrie - Fear meant I kept my status a secret for 3 years. Grace - HIV taught me to live a full life. Chris - how I overcame stigma to be healthy and in love. Ruth - I want to give hope to those still suffering. Alan - Don't be scared to tell people. Amber — have faith in yourself and continue to live your life. Last updated: 29 November Next full review: 30 June

Forum couples Kenya

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