Getting bored in hotel

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Let's face it: most stays aren't like an Amy Schumer skit. Of the many reasons to get excited about an upcoming trip, a hotel is rarely one. In between sightseeing, or after a long day of business meetings, hotels provide a different kind of amusement—albeit, a subtler, more imaginative kind.

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Below, 10 ideas to liven up any hotel stay. Try them out, and never be bored in a hotel again. Start a giggle fit in the elevator. In a crowded elevator, try lightening the mood by laughing at nothing in particular. Hint: alcohol can be a useful tool for this; see No. Do cartwheels in the hallways. Use those long, empty hallways to practice forward flips and cartwheels.

This works especially well in those big casino resorts, which tend to have bright, colorful carpeting and labyrinthine floor plans. Throw a spontaneous in-room cocktail party. Invite a few friends over, raid the minibar, and see where the evening takes you.

Act out a famous hotel scene. Movies are rife with memorable scenes set in hotels. Take a spa day. Fluffy robes. A working bathroom. A soothing iTunes playlist. While away the hours steaming in the shower with some Enya in the background, or recline with a few cucumber slices over your eyes on the bed.

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Sample the hotel bar. This one almost goes without saying. From airport motels to luxury lodges, every hotel comes with a bar. The trick is not ending up in the same hotel bar as Dennis Rodman. Ask for a tour. Get someone to show you around anyway. You never know, it might end with an exclusive peek at the Presidential Suite! You can party back home with your friends.

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While you have it, take advantage of the fluffy pillows and clean sheets, blackout shades, and rare peace and quiet. Or not. By Alex Schechter October 20, Save Pin FB More. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Getting bored in hotel

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Bored in A Hotel Room? Here Is What You Should Do