Guatemala city strip club

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Going to stay at the Holiday Inn i hear its safebut i have questions about the vacation! What are some of the sites around Guatemala city that need to be seen! Also, we are two grown, single men and are looking to visit some strip clubs and the like there, any suggestions? PM me! Zona 1 and 4 Grado Norte is where the a lot of the Guatemala city strip club are bars are.

Grado Norte is maybe the most fun nighttime area. Antigua is probably where you want to end up for part of your time. Thanks for visiting. If you don't mind the distance, Antigua is 45 mins away depending on traffic from Guatemala City. Guatemala City has not much to offer for tourists but if you can, try to go to the western highlands, you will have much more fun out there. Are you kidding? You can do that in your own country. Just find the sketchiest city near you and book a cheap motel room.

No need to purchase flights. The Holiday Inn area is safe but most first timers don't stick around Guatamala City. I love it, but it has little tourist infrastructure and can be difficult to explore if your Spanish isn't there.

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As far as strip clubs, not my thing, but I've been told they're rather seedy places and not the best for foreigners traveling without a local guide. Do you plan on going anywhere else in the country or just sticking around guate? Also looking at your responses to the comments, you don't seem to be interested in anything else the country has to offer, so why mention that you would like to do sightseeing etc? Just ask straight I cant possibly be interested in both the seedier side of the country AND its history?

You have alot of assumptions, im sorry i have offended you.

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Would love to check out the volcano, Mayan ruins go on tastings of the various food and drinks. Go to zona 8. I hear it's lovely there. Also why visit strip clubs when you can do that crap at home? Zona 8? Are you trying to get this dude killed?

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OP, please, not zona 8. In the city, zona 1. La sexta Zona 16 Cayala is a beautiful private city full on shopping and food Also around that hotel is pretty safe to walk around I've done it before when I travel there, just act like you know the place, As far as strip clubs, not sure but in case you are looking for a whore house look in the local paper and calssifieds, and look for the houses located in zone 10 or 15 or 14, usually those houses are localed in upper class neighborhoods and have nice ladies.

Holliday Inn is in a relatively safe zone, Strip clubs are safe, if you wanna go, then do it, they'll probably overcharge you but things over here are not that expensive. Guatemala is dangerous but use uber, be careful at streets, keep your cellphone in your pocket and you'll be ok.

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Found the internet! Traveling to Guatemala, first timer! Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Reply Share. Strip clubs: Le Club Guatemala City has not much to offer for tourists but if you can, try to go to the western highlands, you will have much more fun out there. Continue this thread. He wants to have sex with less expensive prostitutes.

Thank you so much! This is the info im talking about! Should I hire a translator? More posts from the guatemala community. Bienvenidos a la casa de Guatemala en reddit. Gracias por visitarnos. Welcome to Guatemala's house on reddit. Thank you for stopping by. Created Jan 26, Top posts october 29th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

Guatemala city strip club

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