Japanese woman over 50

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At a time when the overall of marriages is declining, a growth trend is seen among those in their 40s and up for both their first and second or later marriages, according to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research. Proving there is no age limit to marriage or romance, a Japanese woman over 50 of Japanese people aged from their late 40s to early 50s are taking their first shot -- or second or later -- at tying the knot.

Driven by a desire to have a romantic relationship, regardless of age, many people who lived through Japan's asset-inflated "bubble economy" from the late s to early s want to enjoy the present moment amid increasing global economic uncertainties and are turning to marriage as the way to go. In2, men aged between 50 and 54 tied the knot for the first time, up 4.

Men marrying for the second time in the same age bracket totaled 7, 1. The figure for women also more than doubled to 6, A year-old man, Hiroyuki not his real namewho holds a management-level position at a major firm in the Kanto region centering on Tokyo, said he got married when he was It was the first marriage for both him and his wife, Keiko also a pseudonym.

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Read also: Taiwan's gay marriage ruling raises hopes across Asia. Hiroyuki said he was so busy with work during weekends that he had no time to meet women outside of work. Also, given his senior position, he was hesitant to seek potential marriage partners among women in his office until he realized he was hitting the age of His colleague invited him then to register with a marriage consultancy firm. He first sought a young woman, but eventually hit it off with Keiko, who is now 51 as well. Hiroyuki said he felt at ease with her and was drawn to her fun-loving personality.

Abandoning his initial requirements for a marriage partner, he settled down with Keiko. She had initially wanted to balance work and family, but later quit her job to live with him. He now comes home early and mingles more with his neighbors.

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Having may be difficult for the couple, but that means he does not need to worry about added expenses in raising. For them, marriage came at just the right time. We are glad we married at this age. Marriage consultation centers not only attract first-timers, but those who want to give it another shot once their children become independent. Men are mostly looking for a new life after retirement, while women are seeking financial support.

Read also: Female ulema issues fatwa obliging Muslims to fight early marriage. In May, Nozze, a Tokyo-based center providing information about marriage, sponsored a matchmaking event in Yokohama near the capital in May.

Among the attendees was a year-old woman, who had divorced her husband five years ago due to his violence.

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Another participant, a year-old man and a three-time divorcee, said, "Marriage is good," and added that he hopes to financially support his potential partner. Megumi Ushikubo, a marketing writer, draws attention to the fact that overs comprise the "bubble generation" who lived in an era of high economic growth. She said that people who experienced the bubble period believe that if they work hard, they should be rewarded, and also had "unfounded confidence that even if times are hard now, things would get better. Noting that marriage has changed over the years, Rika Kayama, a psychiatrist said, "It is no longer about giving one's life to another person, but rather being an emotional support to another or adding spice to one's life.

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Japanese woman over 50

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