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The islands are rich of natural resources, including spices which attracted foreign power to colonized this region. Indonesia has been colonized by the Dutch for about 35o years and by the Japanese for about 35 years. Indonesia declared its independence on August 17, in Jakarta, under the name of Republic of Indonesia. Soekarno was the first president of Indonesia, as well as one of the declarators of the independence. Indonesia has over Live sex chat in Tulusayu Indonesian volcanoes have interesting types and characteristics, varying from shield volcano, cinder cone, to composite volcano.

The official language of the country is Indonesian or locally known as Bahasa Indonesia. There are also around languages and dialects that are spoken in the country. English is taught in schools, but still considered as foreign language. With the increasing education level and the high demand, Indonesian youths speak English pretty well nowadays. Being muslim majority country and influenced by oriental traditions, Indonesian people mostly are still relatively modest.

Shoulders and legs covering clothes are still expected, especially when you enter religious sites. However, Indonesian people are well known for their welcoming nature and for being polite, friendly, helpful, and optimistic. Shaking hand is also a common salutation gesture. Instead, Indonesians use some calling title, such as Pak Mr. Beside religious ceremonies, Indonesia also has a lot of cultural festivals that are not public holidays, such as Yadnya Kasada ceremony, held once in a year by Tengger tribe around Mt.

Bromo, usually on June or July. There is also Tengger festival, held once in a year around Yadnya Karo in Ranupane, on the slope of Mt. Given multi-ethnics and multi-religions nature, the Republic of Indonesia has a national motto that derives from Sanskrit language ; Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means Unity In Diversity.

This motto means that even though the people are ethnically or religiously different, we are one; Indonesia. To preserve these unique flora and fauna Indonesian government has deated more than national parks throughout the country, covering both land and sea. Those national parks offer various eco tourism opportunities, as well as botanic gardens and zoos.

Almost every region in Indonesia has their own ature dish. Rendang, meat simmered in spices and coconut milk, is ature dish from Sumatera. Rawon, sate, nasi pecel, soto, gado — gado, kare, ikan bakar, are among Indonesian ature dish that you need to try. Credit card is widely accepted in big cities in Indonesia, and cash is the only acceptable mean of payment in smaller towns and villages. ATM machines for banks with Cirrus, Maestro, and Mastercard links are widely available throughout Indonesia, but getting hardly found in smaller towns and villages.

As of Marchthere are now countries that are eligible to receive 30 days free visa on arrival, which include these following countries :.

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To see the list of eligible countries please go through this link of Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs here. Round-trip airplane ticket. It is extendable for up to 30 days with additional visa fee. Applicable for all types of passports, but inapplicable for journalism purposes.

Overstaying your visa Overstaying without the proper authority is a serious matter and visitors can be held in detention or refused permission to leave the country until a fine of Rp. After overstaying for 60 days, you will be detained and possibly imprisoned. Custom Declarations Every person who enters Indonesian entry points must declare the goods they bring. All hand carried bags must be inspected through scanner at the customs inspection gates.

If the values of goods carried are more than aforementioned amount, the passenger shall pay import duty and other import levies for the difference.

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If the values of goods carried by passenger or crew are more than the aforementionedthe passenger shall pay import duty and other import levies for the difference. However, goods such as camera, video camera, radio cassette, binocular, laptop, or cellular phone, that will be used during stay in Indonesia and will be brought back when leaving for Indonesia will be exempted. Goods subjected to import duty, import related taxes, and excise that do not have valid approval from authorized institutions in Indonesia may be confiscated, and the carrying person will be prosecuted according to Indonesian law.

Concealment, evasion of goods from inspection, or giving false declaration to the Customs and Excise officials will be regarded as violations and be prosecuted according to Indonesian law. Please be ready to expect any courteous attitude during your trip. Shaking hand is common thing to do to greet people. Anyway, giving or receiving something using your left hand will be considered as rude and impolite action. Left hand is considered unclean in Indonesia, and you know why.

Money Talks It is a bit confusing if we talk about price in Indonesia, since our exchange rate is relatively low, compared to USD or Euro. So please do the math when buying things, to avoid any scam.

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Buying Things Department stores or fancy shopping malls with fixed price tag can be easily found in big cities in Indonesia. However, street vendors are open for bargain. These phrases may help you on getting the things you want in better price. However, in most of local restaurants in Indonesia, we do not use knife. We mostly use spoon and fork to eat. Is this restaurant open yet?

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Apakah restoran ini sudah buka? Paying a Compliment Everyone loves of receiving compliment of their hard work. Here are some phrases to help you express your compliment. Indonesia Travel Guide. Home Indonesia Travel Guide. Located strategically between Live sex chat in Tulusayu and Australia and also Pacific and Indian Oceans, Indonesia has been one of the most important trade hubs in the region. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, which is also one of the most important harbors in Asia. With Indonesia is also one of the richest countries in term of natural resources, varying from mining resources to endemic animals.

Having over million of population, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. The islands of Indonesia has been inhabited since the prehistoric era, dates back to the era of Pithecantropus Erectus upright apemanwhich is also known as the eldest inhabitants in the region. In purpose of trading and commercial affairs, the merchants from Indian and Chinese kingdom came to the islands to build relations with local kingdoms. Sriwijaya, Majapahit, and Samudera Pasai were among the big kingdoms that ever existed in the islands, which now is known as Indonesia.

Located in the equator, Indonesia is a tropical country that only has two seasons; dry season and rainy season. Dry season usually occurs from June to September and the rest is rainy season. During rainy season the weather is still sunny in the afternoon, and cloudy and rainy in the morning and evening. Thus, sun screens and moisturizers are essentials for travel in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a democratic and multiparty presidential republic. The president acts as the head of the state and the head of the government. As a unitary state, Indonesia has a centralized government that includes 34 provinces. Indonesia has undergone major political reform after the reation of former president Soeharto inthat led Indonesia to have its first direct election in Indonesia is now the third largest democratic country in the world.

Based on a statistical survey, Indonesia has over million of total population, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia is also well known as the biggest muslim country in the world, in term of the of population. Indonesia has a long history of cultural evolution. Started by local believes as well as animism, Indonesian culture has been continuously evolving from stone age to bronze civilization to modern civilization. Islam came to Indonesia at the 13th century, brought by the merchants from Persia and India.

Throughout history, other religions like Buddhism, Hindu, Confucianism, Catholicism, and Christianity came to Indonesia with the merchants from China, as well as with the colonialist from Portugal and The Netherlands.

Those religions gave influence to the evolution of Indonesian culture. Most of the government offices in Indonesia are closed on Saturday and Sunday. However, there are also some religious and national public holiday, in which at most cases, the public service is also closed. During Ramadhan, most of Indonesian people do fasting, thus many restaurants are closed.

At the end of Ramadhan month, or before Idul Fitri, Indonesian people usually come to their hometowns, making Live sex chat in Tulusayu traffic throughout the country, especially in Java. Nyepi is religious festivities in Bali when people are not allowed to lit the light, to talk too much, or to go outside of their home riding vehicle. During Nyepi most of public services in Bali are closed.

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