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Making you Cum in the Back of Class All these lost bets have been building up my sadistic craving for revenge. And now that I've finally won, I've decided to fasten a remote-controlled vibrator inside of you, take you to class and make you beg me not to turn it on.

Play Count: M4M Putting you to Sleep with an Orgasm You've been restless and squirmy all night and I know just the thing to Need to talk m4m you pass out Look how cocky you've gotten. You really need to be fucked down a notch or two M4M Experienced Sub and Virgin Dom It's your first time having sex and you wanna wipe the bratty smirk off of my face Love Confession Dance I'm so glad you agreed to come to the dance with me!

Honestly I wasn't expecting you to say yes. I have all this awkwardness and all these intense emotions bubbling up and I don't know what to say. Can we umm. Overstimulation Ramblefap Wet noises, moans and rambles as I push myself over the edge and beyond Cute Guy from the Party Leaves you a Voic The guy from the party left you a cute, rambly voic Kissing a Pouty Boy in Detention You did this.

You got me in detention! I'm furious with you. No amount of flirting or sweet words will change that. Nude Apron Bet I lost another bet to you At first I'm begrudging and pouty, but as you admire me and start to touch me I quickly turn into a subby, moaning mess.

Teasing Thigh Job You teach your boyfriend how a thigh job works and you use the opportunity to tease him and watch him squirm. Publicly Teasing your Date to the Breaking Point You coyly try on lingerie and flirt with your flustered date until he can't take it anymore and takes his frustrations out on you in the changing room.

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Binaural Make-out Session We try to stay up past our bedtime to make out, but before long, end up falling asleep while kissing. Spoiling my Puppyboy I collar you, tease you, edge you and lovingly call you petnames until you cum in my arms. Your house husband tells you to just relax, close your eyes and spread your legs. Reverse Comfort Clingy Boyfriend Your boyfriend has been feeling down about how little time you've been able to spend together lately. You postpone your errands and cheer him up.

Subby Boy Cums too Quick so You Ride His Face You tease your submissive boy through his pants until he cracks and begs you to fuck his brains out like you promised. You ride him, but it's more than he can handle and he cums inside you without permission. You keep fucking him until he begs you to stop and then you ride his face to orgasm and make him swallow the cum.

Library Seduction We've met and flirted in the back of the library before, but now I take things a few steps forward Needy Boyfriend Misses You You're out visiting your family for the week and your cute, clingy boyfriend really misses you Autism Comfort A boyfriend roleplay autism comfort and insecurity comfort audio. April Update Quick lil' update Play Count: M4M Sleepy Aftercare You pass right out after sex and I take the chance to tell you how well you did You tell me that if Need to talk m4m want it that I need to get naked with my wrists tied above my head.

It's an offer I can't refuse Sleeping Bag Friends to Lovers I get back from swimming in the lake to find everyone asleep but you. I offer to let you sleep in my sleeping bag, but it's a tighter fit than I was anticipating. Your squirming and readjusting causes way too much friction and soon enough we're making out and frantically grinding, trying to make the other one lose control first.

Let's see how quickly you can make me melt. Making your Bratty Roommate Beg Your confident, bratty, annoying roommate walks into your room and challenges you. You proceed to tease him and rough him up until he's a squirming, begging mess. Fleshlight Edging Ramblefap I don't think this needs much explanation Social Anxiety Rambles Some rambles about my experiences with social anxiety as well as comforting rambles for others. M4M Roommate Seduction Wow you look so nervous. Why don't I help you relax before your date? Gently Licking You Awake We were supposed to have sex tonight, but you're passed out in a deep sleep with the lights on.

I kiss your neck and rub your thigh and slowly escalate what I can get away with until finally you wake up with my tongue buried in your pussy. With you awake, I no longer have to be gentle. I tease you, edge you, fuck you into the mattress and consolidate my control over your body. M4M Insomniac Snuggles Hey you're not asleep, right? Well if we're both still up, we may as well snuggle and talk and do something useful with this Need to talk m4m Valentine's Day Giggly Sex Babyyy come into bed.

You've been incredible lately and I want to show you how much I appreciate you!

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Ulterior motives? I guess you'll just have to come into bed and find out Why don't we be lonely together? We can even snuggle and be cute together Lots of friend banter and loneliness comfort Play Count: Riding Ramblefap Riding my toy slowly while rambling :3 Play Count: It takes some undressing and squirming around to finally get comfortable, but when I realize you're excited under the blankets, I get a burst of sexual energy. Public Shower Pegging I'm alone in the public showers until you show up. You gently seduce me until I'm at the point where I'll do anything to keep your hands on me Mdom NNN Revenge I sweetly seduce you into letting me tie you down before edging you and getting my revenge.

New Years Tipsy to Drunk The others cancelled last minute, so it's just the two of us. We may as well at least try to party.

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It's not like we have anything else going on. And what better way to party with two people than to drink You tell me that I'm not allowed to cum while doing everything in your power to make me explode. I'm wearing a buttplug as your rub me through my pants, grind on me and kiss down my neck.

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NNN Finale Finally cumming I apologize in advance for any incomprehensible rambles or excessive excitement. I did my best to normalize the volume! Loud orgasm is at Play Count: I've been really excited this November and I'm not sure I'm coherent enough for anything else at this point In this audio I try to explain fantasies that pop into my mind After you cum on my face you ever-so-slowly ride me until I lose my mind. Ramblefap Edging Rambling about edging while edging.

Halloween Movie Night You're my best friend and we always spend Halloween together. That doesn't stop me from teasing you or you from trying to scare me. Giggly and Snuggly Aftercare Giggling and messing around with each other after sex. I need to make sure I'm what's stuck in your head. Pre-recording Stress Relief Masturbation Masturbating and chatting Late for Work Frantic Sex You want to make to take a rain check for work. I'm frantic about getting ready in time. We solve our dispute with grinding bodies and passionate lips.

Breathless Pegging and Begging pegging fun :3 Play Count: Asexual Comfort I try to make a move on you, but you open up about your lack of sexual feelings. Hysterical Literature 2 Reading The Monkey Wrench Gang with a vibrating toy in my butt and quickly getting more and Need to talk m4m incoherent.

Submissive Vampire I threaten you for your blood, but I'm too weak to back it up. Loneliness Comfort Rambles Lots of rambles, especially in the first half.

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For all of you that are feeling lonely, especially during this pandemic Play Count: Strangers to Lovers Party You walk up to me in the corner at a party after you see me watching you. Playful Tickling and Grinding Playful wrestling and tickling turns to grinding and making out.

Snowangel Poll 10 Result Play Count: Early Morning M4M I can't believe you woke me up this earling, it's up early enough to watch the sunrise together Play Count: Beach Exhibitionism Rubbing your shoulders and fiddling with your bathing suit strings as people admire you on the beach.

Awkward Erection Cuddles Snuggling and making out with your virgin boyfriend le to an awkward erection and some squirming around in bed. Seducing your Shy Tutor Your tutor tries to prepare you for your upcoming exam, but you have other things on your mind. First Meeting After Quarantine I've missed you so much! It feels like forever since we've gotten to snuggle. Snuggling Outside in the Spring Sun Finding any excuse to get outdoors and snuggle Sexy Alien Hot alien crashes in your yard, you nurse him back to health, he thanks you with sex.

Coolest Polar Bear Poll Result. Shy Boy Need to talk m4m Shy woodelf boy shows you around the forest. Tsundere Msub You turn your cold and reserved friend into a moaning, begging mess. Teaching you to Give a Blowjob You've wanted to go down on me lately, but you're worried you'll do Need to talk m4m bad job your first time. So I show you the ropes Comfort for Gender Dysphoria Part 2 Some comforting rambles for those of you that don't feel like you fit in Play Count: Sappy, giggly, loving drunk.

If you wouldn't mind, could you, maybe be my big spoon for a little bit? I think I think I need you. Writing an Awkward Love Letter Writing aloud all my awkward attempts to give my crush a secret letter of admiration. Cuddling after Playing in the Snow We come inside, peel off our wet clothes and squeeze as tight together as possible in bed to steal each other's warmth.

Crushing on a Girl in Class Part 9 I must've stayed the night, because I wake up to you kissing the fuck outa me and grinding on me before class. Holiday Rambles Just some short lil' rambles Play Count: Crushing on a Girl in Class Part 8 Nervously walking through the first time of being pleasured by you.

Snuggly Twins Left ear and right ear But both want your attention as they put you to sleep.

Need to talk m4m

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