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Stacie McCormickan American-born artist and gallery director, has come up with what she hopes will be an alternative to an art market where the odds are stacked against newcomers. Today, most transactions between artists and buyers are handled by a small of large galleries that represent established names and charge ificant commissions.

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McCormick runs Unit 1 Gallery Workshopan exhibition and artist residency space in a former hardware wholesaler depot in West London. The glass-fronted space also contains some of her own art: large, swirling abstract works inspired by Asian calligraphy.

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McCormick said in an interview at the space. She noted that there were unrepresented artists worth discovering, and many consumers who would be eager to discover them, but few places where the two could intersect. Collectors also have a dedicated virtual space on which to store images of their collections and complete transactions.

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Curators can put together an exhibition through the app, virtually or live, and create news releases and price lists. Despite the promise of the app, some in the art world said it would take a lot for the app to disrupt the market. Schwartzman made an analogy with smaller art fairs that take place at the same time and place as major ones. The app grew out of Ms. At Unit 1, artists in residence donate a work for sale, which goes into the gallery collection and gets included in exhibitions curated by Ms.

The gallery then produces a limited-edition print series based on the work that generates revenue. She said she needed between 1, and 1, monthly subscribers to cover her costs. Radhika Khimjia London-based Omani artist whose work is represented by galleries in Vienna and Kolkata, India, said she had tried to connect with collectors through various commission-based apps several years ago but had no success. But to take off, the app needs to deliver on its promises and to have the endorsement of prominent personalities and Personal matchmaker louisiana in the art world, she added.

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