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Many people become addicted to sex as a way to cope with stress, low self-esteem, and even trauma. When this happens, sex becomes an unhealthy coping mechanism that can actually get in the way of healing. Do you feel a constant craving for sex is negatively affecting your life and relationships?

If so, seeking sex addiction treatment is a logical next step to take. A sex counselor can help you discover the causes of your addiction so that you can set limits and improve your life. A sex counselor can help you understand your behavior, the origins of your addiction, and what you need to do to stop it. They can also hold you able to make the changes you say you want.

Mental Health Match can help by matching you with a sex therapist near you. Start by browsing experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool. Looking to expand your network? At Mental Health Match, we match clients to therapists and counselors specializing in sex addiction.

Get set up for new referrals in 10 minutes or less. now. We will build Reading Pennsylvania sex in trusting relationship. We will explore your patterns of behavior with a focus on relationships and identify barriers to making desired changes. We will figure out what motivates you and use that to work toward meaningful change. I value the therapeutic relationship above all else. Change comes within the context of a strong and trusting connection.

I use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you to identify roadblocks to change and patterns in thinking and behaviors. My client's tell me about their struggles, I empathize, help them improve their understanding of these struggles, develop solutions to overcome, and problem solve when obstacles arise. It is a team effort. Most importantly, I encourage my clients. We will take the time and space to process and express those challenges and help you feel heard.

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We will highlight strengths and work to develop coping skills to promote wellness. I've counseled individuals, couples, and families. I'm trained as a marriage and family therapist. I plan to use assessments tools to help you further clarify your specific needs and target your treatment to patterns which are not working well.

Break the pattern of conflict in your relationship. We will get to the heart of what's fueling destructive patterns and attack it straight on. The skills you will learn are transferable and will last you a lifetime. I treat high conflict relationships and sexual addictions using a Christian Gospel centered approach. No matter your belief system, you will see a shift. You will also be equipped with lifelong skills. Contact me if you're ready to work! Work collaboratively to help you achieve the life you want to live through deep self-exploration.

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I will be your guide as we navigate the many obstacles that have been hindering you from moving forward and achieving empowerment and independence. Everyone has a unique story. As an Art Therapist, I can help you illustrate your story using your natural creativity to guide you to healing and growth. Whether you are located in downtown Reading, the suburbs of Reading, other nearby places such as Allentown, Philadelphia, or Reading Pennsylvania sex in else in Pennsylvania, Mental Health Match can help you easily find an experienced therapist or counselor who best meets your needs.

s You Should Consider Sex Addiction Treatment Here are some s that you may have a sex addiction and should consider therapy: You have repeated affairs. You feel you must continually push the envelope in order to be satisfied sexually. You feel disgusted after you engage in sexual behavior. You turn to sex or masturbation as the primary way to cope with stress.

You get in trouble with the law because of risky sexual behavior. You hire prostitutes to satisfy your frequent sexual appetite. Beat Sex Addiction with the Help of a Sex Counselor A sex counselor can help you understand your behavior, the origins of your addiction, and what you need to do to stop it. Therapists for depression in Reading. Therapists for stress in Reading. Couples, relationships and marriage counselors in Reading. Family therapists in Reading. Therapists Reading Pennsylvania sex in nearby cities: Therapists in Allentown, PA. Therapists in Philadelphia, PA. Therapists in Lancaster, PA.

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Reading Pennsylvania sex in

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