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I feel embarrassed asking this but I'd like to date and it seems impossible to meet anyone in Portland. I go to the gym and exercise but nobody ever talks there, and I work with all older women that are married so I can't meet anyone at work.

Am I going to have to accept cat guy status and start hoarding cats or is there something that I'm missing?

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Going to my throwaway for this answer! Partly because I'm kind of a homebody by nature and partly because the men I was meeting were in their 20's. I tried Tinder. Had a good experience out of the gate, but since then it's kinda of a shitshow, but in it's own unique way. Personally I'd love a gym buddy! I've tried explicitly looking for one but it's just not worked out.

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I think that's a great idea! It shouldn't be so hard for people to meet. It's not normal for humans to hole up alone at home as we are social creatures that are genetically programmed to want to be a part of society. Let's create a new group of people that does fun stuff; going to the gym can be part of it but we can also do other things like, try new local restaurants--I'd like to try Ethiopian food, I don't even know what it is but I'd like to try it. Take a strong interest in a wide variety of activities.

Meetup, go to all the things. Ask lots of questions. Make lots of friends. Meet their friends. Learn to cook an amazing dish and invite everyone to dinner at your place and tell them all to bring a beer and a friend.

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That might actually work. Alright I'm going to do that. I love cooking but I'm not sure if it tastes Portlanders are communal in nature. It's about your side of the river, your quadrant, your neighborhood, your bar. It's also about your friend group.

Portland isn't a bunch of individuals out trying to mingle, it's groups and flocks of people ing together. You have to get access to a friend group. You must first forge a true friendship with someone and then, only then, will you gain access to their friend circle and the single ladies it may hold. Yeah I really regret moving to Portland.

I should have stayed where I was. Dating was a simple matter and considered a normal human endeavor, not something that you can only succeed in if you the right tribe. My sister is single in Portland and I swear could have written this same post. She's only 26 and has a really great job and is looking for a man with just a little ambition, but I think she's having a hard time finding that out and about.

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I think a lot of young professionals have this problem. I haven't been single in a while so I guess I'm a bit rusty. I just suggest trying to make friends, going out a lot, going to meet ups. Yeah, I don't know, women say that but I don't see any doctors dating working class guys, so I don't think that it's necessarily true. I think what that really means is that they want someone that has ambition but also has a relatively high social status in society. Have you tried the internet dating thing yet? Okcupid or whatever the new one young people use with the "swiping".

I think maybe one woman actually responded to a message but then Single women Portland Oregon never heard back. Ha ha, thanks! I have a cat but I don't think it's helping me meet anyone. Just moved up here, 28 married, a I do a lot of volunteering stuff on the weekends and also have started going to the board game night at MFP, both of which seem like they would be good ways to meet people. If you want to try either and want someone to go with let me know! Also Ethiopian food is delish. You are bound to meet someone. I will start one for you:. I too am interested in finding out where all the single women are.

Even the women sitting alone at the bar seem to be taken. Or maybe I'm just ugly. I don't know. I was also not sure if I was just too ugly, but judging from some of the guys that I've seen who are successfully dating, I don't think being ugly is necessary a turnoff for a lot of women. Found the internet! How can I meet single women in Portland? Or should I just start hoarding cats? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. Get involved in shit. Hiking, knitting, bicycling, cats.

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Nice username, btw. Now I have that song stuck in my head If it's women you're after - move to NYC. More posts from the askportland community. Created Jun 4, Top posts may 13th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Single women Portland Oregon

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