Submissive women of District of Columbia

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Residency requirements. Decree annulling marriage. Grounds for divorce, legal separation, and annulment. Revocation and enlargement of decree of legal separation. Causes for absolute divorce arising after decree for separation. Parent and child relationship defined. Relationship not dependent on marriage or domestic partnership. Establishment of paternity by voluntary acknowledgment and based on genetic test.

Full faith and credit to parentage determinations by other states. Voluntary paternity acknowledgment program for birthing hospitals. Voluntary paternity acknowledgment program for birth records agency. Mayor authorized to deate other sites for paternity acknowledgment program.

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Asment and equitable distribution of property. Pendente lite relief. Permanent alimony; enforcement. Custody of children. Retention of jurisdiction as to alimony, custody of children, and child support. Child custody and visitation rights of parents during deployment for military service.

Change of name on divorce. Maintenance of spouse [or domestic partner] and minor children; maintenance of former spouse [or domestic partner]; maintenance of minor children; enforcement. Child Support Guideline. Child Support Guideline Commission. Proceedings in which child support matters may be considered. Co-respondents as defendants; service of process. Appointment of counsel; compensation; termination of appointment.

Proof required on default or admission of defendant.

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Effective date of decree or judgment for annulment or absolute divorce. Validity of marriage, action to determine. Validity of marriages and divorces solemnized or pronounced before January 1, Abolition of action for breach of promise, alienation of affections, and criminal conversation. Expedited judicial hearing for child support. Privacy protection for victims of domestic violence. Law rewrote par. Law added par. Law added pars. Law rewrote the section. ActJanuary 20,46 DCR ActFebruary 17,46 DCR For temporary repeal of D. ActAugust 12,45 DCR ActAugust 4,46 DCR ActNovember 2,46 DCR ActJanuary 11,47 DCR ActNovember 7,47 DCR ActFebruary 13,48 DCR ActOctober 3,49 DCR ActJanuary 7,50 DCR ActOctober 24,50 DCR ActJanuary 28,51 DCR LawMay 8,law notification 45 DCR LawApril 13,law notification 46 DCR LawApril 20,law notification 46 DCR LawMarch 7,law notification 47 DCR LawMarch 31,law notification 48 DCR LawMarch 25,law notification 50 DCR LawMarch 10,law notification 51 DCR A The marriage was performed in the District of Columbia; and.

B Neither party to the marriage resides in a jurisdiction that will maintain an action for divorce or legal separation. Law rewrote the section, which formerly read:. No action for annulment of a marriage performed outside the District of Columbia or for affirmance of any marriage shall be maintainable unless one of the parties is a bona fide resident of the District of Columbia at the time of the commencement of the action. The residence of the parties to an action for annulment of a marriage performed in the District of Columbia shall not be considered in determining whether such action shall be maintainable.

If a member of the armed forces of the United States resides in the District of Columbia for a continuous period of six months during his or her period of military service, he or she shall be deemed to reside in the District of Columbia for purposes of this section only.

The amendment by D. A decree annulling the marriage as illegal and void may be rendered on any of the grounds specified by sections Lawin subsec. Where a legal separation has been decreed the court may afterwards decree an absolute divorce Submissive women of District of Columbia the parties for any cause arising since the first decree and sufficient to entitle the complaining party to the second decree.

Law added subsec. There shall be a presumption that a man is the father of :. A Whether the conduct of the mother or the pd parent should preclude that party from denying parentage. C The duration and stability of the relationship between the child, the pd parent, and the genetic parent.

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A The child was born in the District of Columbia. B Both individuals seeking a judgment adjudicating parentage have a legal relationship with the child through a presumption of parentage under this section or meet the requirements of parentage in subsection e of this section; and.

C Both parents submit to the jurisdiction of the District by consent in a record, by entering a general appearance, or by filing a responsive document having the effect of waiving any contest to personal jurisdiction. B Any other court of competent jurisdiction. C The IV-D agency of another state, in compliance with jurisdictional and procedural requirements of that state; or.

D Any entity of another state authorized to determine parentage, in compliance with jurisdictional and procedural requirements of that state. A parent-child relationship that has been established pursuant to subsection b-1 2 of this section or section The legal responsibilities including child support obligations of any atory arising from the acknowledgment of parentage may not be suspended during the challenge, except for good cause shown.

A Consent by a woman, and a person who intends to be a parent of born to the woman by artificial insemination, shall be in writing ed by the woman and the intended parent.

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B Failure of a person to a consent required by subparagraph A of this paragraph, before or after the birth of the child, shall not preclude a finding of intent to be a parent of the child if the woman and the person resided together in the same household with the child and openly held the child out as their own.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this title, genetic test shall not establish parentage of a semen donor unless:. Law rewrote subsec. A parent-child relationship that has been established pursuant to subsection b-1 1 of this section or section Prior to amendment, subsec. ActAugust 6, Submissive women of District of Columbia, 56 DCR ActOctober 21,56 DCR Oral notice may be given through videotape or audiotape. The acknowledgment shall include the full name, the social securityand date of birth of the mother, father, and child, the addresses of the mother and father, the birthplace of the child, an explanation of the legal consequences of the affidavit, a statement indicating that both parents understand their rights, responsibilities, and the alternatives and consequences of ing the affidavit, the place the affidavit was completed, ature lines for the parents, and any other data elements required by federal law.

Nothing in this paragraph shall affect the validity of a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity executed before December 23,or preclude the submission of an acknowledgment of paternity that does not comply with the requirements of this paragraph as evidence of paternity in a judicial or administrative proceeding; or.

The acknowledgment or genetic test and affidavit shall be admissible as evidence of paternity. June 18,D. For temporary amendment of section Section 28 b 1 of D. The District of Columbia government shall give full faith and credit to the determinations of parentage made by other states, whether established through voluntary acknowledgment or through an administrative or judicial process. LawApril 9,law notification 44 DCR Mayor authorized to issue rules: Section 3 of D. Law provided that, pursuant to Subtitle I of Chapter 15 of Title 1the Mayor may issue rules to implement the provisions of the act.

A Written materials concerning paternity establishment. B Forms necessary to acknowledge paternity voluntarily that meet the federal requirements. C A written and oral description the oral description may be videotaped or audiotaped of the alternatives to, the legal consequences of, and the rights and responsibilities that arise from, ing a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. Submissive women of District of Columbia Written notice that a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is not effectuated unless the mother and putative father each s the form under oath and a notary authenticates the atures.

E The opportunity to speak, either by telephone or in person, with hospital or IV-D agency staff who are trained to clarify information and answer questions about paternity establishment. F Access to the services of a notary on the premises of the birthing hospital; and.

G The opportunity to acknowledge paternity voluntarily in the hospital. The Registrar shall promptly record identifying information from the form and permit the IV-D agency timely access to the identifying information and any other documentation recorded from the form that the IV-D agency needs to determine if a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity has been recorded and to seek a support order on the basis of the recorded voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. Law rewrote this section. ActJanuary 29,45 DCR ActAugust 8,43 DCR Section 3 of D.

ActD. Actand D. ActMarch 20,45 DCR ActDecember 23,44 DCR The Mayor is authorized to establish voluntary paternity establishment services at entities other than hospitals, or the Vital Records Office, by publishing a notice of such location in the D. The Mayor may only deate entities that meet the applicable federal requirements and comply with the same requirements that apply to birthing hospitals as set forth in section The introductory paragraph and subsec. No employer shall discharge or otherwise discipline an employee because of such attachment, garnishment, or asment.

Lawin subpar. Lawin par. The Court may enforce any such order by attachment, garnishment, or imprisonment for disobedience, and all support orders shall be enforceable by withholding as provide in section In determining pendente lite alimony for a spouse or domestic partner, the Court shall consider the factors set forth in section d and may make an award of pendente lite alimony retroactive to the date of the filing of the pleading that requests alimony. ActAugust 2,51 DCR ActOctober 26,51 DCR ActJuly 26,52 DCR ActNovember 17,52 DCR LawDecember 10,law notification 52 DCR The Court shall determine the amount and the time period for the award of alimony.

B income from assets, both those that are the property of the marriage or domestic partnership and those that are not.

Submissive women of District of Columbia

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