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According to court documents, in mid-JulyCharles Morancey befriended the Hopkins, MI, year-old who expressed to him that she was experiencing difficulties at home. During online conversations that Morancey often turned sexually explicit and graphic, he helped the year-old create a plan to run away from home with him and to prevent her parents from locating or contacting her or from accessing her social media s. He advised her to remove and destroy her cell phone sim card and to change passwords or delete her social media s.

Morancey drove the girl to his Warwick residence, stopping in an Indiana rest area during the two-day drive to engage in sexual contact. Upon arriving in Rhode Island, Morancey engaged in sexual activity with the minor girl on multiple occasions. The investigation determined that the IP address belonged to Morancey. Later that afternoon, Morancey was located in Warwick driving his vehicle and was arrested.

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Charles Morancey pled guilty on November 18,to a two-count information charging him with travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct and receipt of child pornography. District Court Judge William E. You are here U. Attorneys » District of Rhode Island » News.

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Department of Justice. Tuesday, July 20, Topic s :.

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Warwick man looking for sex

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Warwick man brought up on child sex abuse charges