Women want sex Mercedes

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Mercedes-Benz and Mattel want girls to know they have "no limits. Rosqvist is a female Swedish car racing champion who made history in for being the first woman to enter and win the Argentinian Grand Prix, one of the toughest races in the world.

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Mercedes and Mattel want little girls to know that they can be race car drivers too, just like Rosqvist. Toy cars are typically not a go-to toy for young girls. Earlier this year, Mercedes Benz released a video where young girls were asked to choose from a selection of toys, including the replica toy car. None of the girls chose the toy car. Not exactly scientific methodology, but inspiring nonetheless.

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After watching her husband race for years, Rosqvist decided she would enter the three-day Argentinian Grand Prix herself. But the present initiative, framed around a celebration of Rosqvist, seems different.

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It might just be because Rosqvist is such an encouraging role model. Research shows that female role models are important part of inspiring girls to pursue STEM fields, but not just any role models will do. There is some evidence that if a STEM role model is too feminine, it can have the opposite effect, actually turning girls away from pursuing STEM fields.

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Rosqvist certainly fits the bill here, not particularly masculine or feminine, just strong and confident. Even I want to be a race car driver after watching her 90 second video. The Rosqvist Matchbox toy car replica will also be sold in stores nationwide beginning in December. My book, Sex and the Office also dives in to some of the obstacles holding women back.

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Women want sex Mercedes

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